2022 Aluminum New Design 17 18 19 20 21 22 2pcs Forged Alloy Car Wheels 19 Inch Forged Wheels Rims 4x108

4 pieces
$470.00(4 - 7 pieces) $461.00(8 - 19 pieces) $441.00(>=20 pieces)
2022 Aluminum New Design 17 18 19 20 21 22 2pcs Forged Alloy Car Wheels 19 Inch Forged Wheels Rims 4x108
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PCD: 130mm, 120mm, 108mm, 115mm, 112mm, 127mm, 100mm, 139.7mm, 98mm, 165.1mm, 114.3mm, 120.65mm, 143.1mm
ET: 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 50mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42mm, 45mm, 25mm, 0mm
Warranty: 1, 1 year
Material: Aluminum
Finishing: 3460547-1483866465
Width: Can be customized
Design: Concave Design
Logo: Can be customized
Color: Custom color
Car make: Any cars
Test: Impact test, cornering fatigue test, radial fatigue test
Process: Low pressure casted wheel
Certificering: TUV JIL VIA, TUV JIL VIA
Basis informatie
Certificering: TUV JIL VIA, TUV JIL VIA
Betalen & Verzenden Algemene voorwaarden
Packaging Details: by carton , export standard package .
15" 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" 21" 22" 23" 24" 25" 26"
0-45 mm
7J ~ 11J
4*1100/ 4*108/ 4*114.3/ 5*130/ 5*100/ 5*105/ 5*108/ 5*112/ 5*114.3/ 5*115/ 5*120
Aluminum Alloy
Customizable or Default
Customizable or Default
Automobile hubs are an important part of auto parts. The hubs on the market can be divided into steel hubs and alloy hubs according to their materials. The main advantages of steel hubs are that the manufacturing process is simple, the cost is relatively low, and the ability to resist metal fatigue strong. However, the disadvantages of steel wheels are relatively prominent, including unattractive appearance, heavy weight (the same wheel steel material is much heavier than aluminum alloy material), large inertial resistance, poor heat dissipation, and very easy to rust. Alloy wheel hubs can just make up for this problem, light weight, small inertial resistance, high manufacturing precision, small deformation during high-speed rotation, small inertial resistance, which is conducive to improving the straight-line driving performance of the car and reducing the rolling resistance of tires, thereby Reduced fuel consumption. The thermal conductivity of the alloy material is about three times that of steel, and the heat dissipation is good, which can play a certain role in the thermal attenuation of the vehicle's braking system, tires and braking system. The alloy wheels of the original cars on the market are mainly made of aluminum alloy. Of course, many modified wheels will choose chromium, titanium and other elements as the basic materials in order to meet certain special requirements and improve the vision.
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